Reputation Management

In today’s vastly competitive digital world, a positive and healthy online reputation is worth its weight (if you can weigh one’s reputation that is!) in gold for any business. On the other hand, a single negative link, especially if it comes from a reputable source and shows up in the first page of the search engine, can cause considerable damage to your business, and in some case, may even ruin it.

This is why online reputation management is something that no business—small or big—can afford to ignore anymore. With the all-pervading internet atmosphere we are living in, the internet often happens to be the source of our first impression. Once a potential customer has gotten in touch with you (via phone, email, etc.), the very next thing he will do is head to Google, instead of asking for references—as it used to happen in the older days. And you can imagine what may happen if he comes across one or more negative reviews regarding your business in the first one or two pages of the search engine.
It will matter little whether those negative criticisms were warranted, or if they were simply malicious gossips circulated by some disgruntled customer (or, in few cases, even by ex-employees of the company!), the harm will be done.

This is why maintaining a squeaky clean online image is so vital for any and all business. Our reputation management experts employ a variety of techniques to improve the online reputation of your business.


One thing to understand here is that once a negative link rears its head, it is almost impossible to remove the link (and the content and the images it contains) from internet, especially in the US. So, the most effective counteraction is to try to push the negative links from the first (and preferably from second and third) page of the search engine results. Close to 93% of the browsers don’t go beyond the first page in their search. This means as long as you can push those negative links off the first page, your business is relatively safe and won’t suffer any serious consequences from those negative reviews.

And the most effective way to do this is to flood the web with good, original and relevant content. This means well formulated, effective and targeted content that includes, among other things, video, images, and blog posts. In short, you have to provide excellent UX or User Experience to your existing and potential customers by using your own website but also exploiting the various off-site optimization strategies. For example, at OptDigital, once we take up a reputation management project, the first thing our team concentrates on is developing a strategy. This includes researching the business well and developing quality content accordingly, but the next and the most important part is to share these contents at appropriate platforms.

However, one must keep it in mind that it often takes time for ORM (Online Reputation Management) strategies to yield results. Commonly, once you hire a firm for your ORM requirements, you may expect to see the results anywhere between three to six months. Another important thing is that once you get the desired results, it is just as important to maintain the good work—otherwise, those nagging negative links may resurface again in a few months’ time.

So, How Good a Reputation  Is Your Website Enjoying At Its Current?

Please fill out the Request Form on our site to let us perform a video audit that will check the present online health of your business. The audit will show how your website and webpages are ranking for different keywords/queries relevant to your business. The audit will also show if your business is getting affected by any negative links and whether or not you need to hire any Reputation Management Services for your business.

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