Local Maps Optimization

Local Map

We also provide local map optimization services for our clients. It is the process of optimizing your brand in Google Maps, DuckDuckGo, and Bing. The goal is to increase your brand’s online visibility.

There are more benefits to incorporating local maps optimization, apart from brand visibility:


The reason we provide Google maps optimization services relates to recent research. Research found that about 70% of users of smartphones use Google Maps the most. Also, research has found that daily searches amounting to 3.5 billion have local intent.

On top of that, Google reported that 83% of Americans who visited a physical store said they did an online search first before coming in.

Thus, we provide Google maps optimization for small and big businesses alike. We want you to take advantage of such a huge opportunity to grow your business.

How does it work?

The focus of this marketing method is optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing. If your listing is optimized, Google can now establish prominence and relevance for your business.

GMB is a free tool for businesses. This tool will allow you to manage your online presence in Google apps, such as Search and Maps. With it, you can also interact with potential customers and manage your business profile.

You can optimize your GMB listing by:

DuckDuckGo Maps

DuckDuckGo is another search engine that offers maps marketing. It is a platform that utilizes Apple Maps to power address and map-related searches.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that protects user privacy above all. It stores minimal information about its users, in contrast to the information gathering and online-behavior tracking practices of Google and Bing.

With DuckDuckGo, it will be easy for you to capture an audience who cares much for their privacy. That is this search engine’s unique selling point.

The platform reached a milestone recently. In January 2021, it received 100 million daily searches for the first time. That begs the question for businesses and organizations: Are they optimizing for DuckDuckGo?

How does it work?

Claim and update your Apple Maps listing. Access this site. Once there, provide the following details:
DuckDuckGo says that, with its partnership with Apple Maps, it has now improved address searches, enhanced satellite imagery, and additional visual features.

Bing Maps

Bing Maps, a Microsoft product, helps businesses view data and lines of applications on a map. It can help reveal relationships in the data, which will give you insights and directions on how to run your business.

When a local search is conducted on Bing, you want your websiteto appear at the top of the page on a map. It also allows customers to see that your location is near them. They can also get directions from the map, making it easy for them to buy at your physical store.

You need a business listing to start, just like you would with Google or DuckDuckGo. A business listing can rank you across the Microsoft network, the Bing search engine, and, in particular, on Bing Maps.

Your Bing Maps listing includes: